The Bible Geeks Weekly Podcast is a 30-40 minute conversation in biblical geek every Thursday. Our main goal is to draw people into a deeper relationship with Jesus, with each other, and to present God's truth in a practical and approachable way. We're not perfect, but we are pushing forward and learning a lot along the way.

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Conversations in biblical geek, every Thursday


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Bible Geeks Weekly Podcast

Weekly Challenges

developing a growth mindset towards daily discipleship

  • Episode 2 - Identify a small habit that supports your bigger spiritual goals and incorporate into your daily routine.

  • Episode 3 - Ask a close friend what baggage you need to shed.

  • Episode 4 - Choose a passage and meditate on it this week.

  • Episode 5 - Sing a spiritual song every day this week.

  • Episode 6 - Study a chapter of the Bible and apply one of the inductive principles to your study.

  • Episode 7 - Talk to your spouse, focusing on listening, and take action based on your conversation.

  • Episode 8 - Try journaling your prayers this week.

  • Episode 9 - Review your yearly and quarterly goals.

  • Episode 10 - Show gentleness and meekness to someone this week.

  • Episode 11 - Write down three things you know and three things you want to know.

  • Episode 12 - Pray for God to fulfill every resolve for good in our lives.

  • Episode 13 - Make a list of anything in your life that would keep you from being patient.

  • Episode 14 - Find a quiet place this week to be still and acknowledge that the Lord is God.

  • Episode 15 - Read the book of Philippians and focus on joy.

  • Episode 16 - Choose one of the 8 habits from “The Common Rule” to try this week.

  • Episode 17 - Examine your life to expose anything “unfruitful” that you should eliminate.

  • Episode 18 - Identify something you have in abundance and share it with others.

  • Episode 19 - Find time this week to recharge.

  • Episode 20 - Learn more about someone by asking some of their favorite things.

  • Episode 21 - Express gratitude to someone this week.

  • Episode 22 - Examine your relationships to find anywhere you need to extend forgiveness.

  • Episode 23 - Glorify the Lord in your everyday life.

  • Episode 24 - Ask God to resolve a troubling situation in your life, or for someone you know.

  • Episode 25 - Make a list of what you want and identify how they line up with God’s desires.

  • Episode 26 - Figure out where you’re lacking and ask God for an abundance.

  • Episode 27 - Memorize a powerful verse to help you overcome fearful situations.

  • Episode 28 - Use an opportunity to share what you know about Christ.

  • Episode 29 - Read John 19-21 about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

  • Episode 30 - Send us a question about growing in your faith.

  • Episode 31 - Ask someone close to you what step you could take toward spiritual growth.

  • Episode 32 - Identify something that causes you stress and take steps to reduce it.

  • Episode 33 - Read a book of the Bible that you haven’t studied in-depth.

  • Episode 34 - Help or pray for someone you haven’t before.

  • Episode 35 - Look over your finances and note how your spending honors God.

  • Episode 36 - Consider challenging feedback you’ve received and ask yourself if there’s something you can learn or change.